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    here i am

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    What does this mean

    um we’ve all seen hannah montana i think we know what this means

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    szépen jönnek ezek a behrens-cuccok egy ideje. 

    radiant heater, 1911

    Peter Behrens. 

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    Now is not the time for y’all to act like Stevie Wonder.

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    The Nimrud Lens from Nimrud

    Oval rock-crystal inlay: ground and polished, with one plane and one slightly convex face. It has been regarded as an optical lens but would have been of little or no practical use.

    At British Museum


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    Mies van der Rohe - FARNSWORTH HOUSE scale model 1:100

    Historical Architectural Models

    model and photo by Lucio Tuzza

    info & shopping: hist.arch.models@gmail.com

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